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Review :: OPERATOR

By Sean Maunier | Aug 7
If there is any kind of unifying theme to "Wildflower," it might be The Avalanches' enthusiasm for sampling and incorporating as many styles and influences into their work as possible.

Review :: What Doesn't Break

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 3
By the time you get to the last of these ten new songs, you'll have shed a tear or two, laughed out loud, cut a rug at least two or three times, and fallen in love with a few new favorites.

Review :: Take All My Loves

By Lewis Whittington | Jul 30
Rufus Wainwright follows up his first opera "Prima Donna" in an ariatic mood with his latest release-"Take All My Love | 9 Shakespeare Sonnets" on the Deutsche Grammophon classical label

Review :: Continuous Cycle

By Bill Biss | Jul 22
What stands out is not just the production but the very personal touch of his violin performances which adds a richer level to the sounds he has created.

Review :: Sid and Marty Krofft's les Poupées de Paris

By Steven Bergman | Jul 20
Jayne Mansfield, Liberace, Loretta Young, Phil Silvers, and Pearl Bailey are some of the artists included in this throwback to a more innocent approach to the French cabaret of the 1960s from the minds of Sid and Marty Krofft.

Review :: Paul McCartney. Fenway Park. July 17, 2016

By James Nadeau | Jul 20
Paul McCartney's fourth time at Fenway Park provided more bang for your buck than any other show I've seen in a long time.

Review :: New Dynasty

By JC Alvarez | Jul 19
Already getting great buzz with her single "Machines," Camryn releases an impressive collection of rock-tinged/electronic synth on her "New Dynasty" EP that's worth a listen.

Review :: case/lang/veirs

By Sean Maunier | Jul 16
The eponymous debut album "case/lang/veirs" draws the best of these three singer-songwriters' previous work into a project worthy of their reputations as masters of modern folk.

Review :: Wildflower

By Bill Biss | Jul 12
Needless to say, the songs presented are as intricate and unique as a snowflake creating a remarkable mix of singers, emotions and musical vibes.

Review :: Take Her Up To Monto

By Bill Biss | Jul 11
This is the time to say that Róisín Murphy's lyrics on all accounts are stunning, thought-provoking and so striking to listen to... Truly unique.

12 thru 21 of 2377 Stories