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Review :: A Cure For Loneliness

By Bill Biss | Apr 7
"A Cure For Loneliness" is a solid foundation of country and bluegrass, rhythm and blues done up with a touch of Jack Daniel's attitude.

Review :: More Issues Than Vogue

By JC Alvarez | Apr 1
K. Michelle's latest r&b/hip-hop opus "More Issues Than Vogue" is worth skimming through and not just for the editorial layouts. This girl's got game and she's not afraid to show it. Surprising present and reverently produced; good hip-hop is in fashion.

Review :: Super

By Chris Kelly | Apr 1
The consistently high bar that the Pet Shop Boys have achieved for more than thirty years is a miracle in the pop world.

Review :: Bacteria Cult

By Ken Tasho | Apr 1
Multi-talented Mike Patton comes through again on the second collaboration known as Kaada/Patton.

Review :: Selection Of Songs From Salad Days

By Steven Bergman | Mar 24
With its senseless story, this 1954 musical allows a nice escape from the stresses of everyday.

Review :: Fiddler On The Roof - 2016 Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Mar 18
This recording is innocuous and harmless, like a next-door neighbor you have known for years, that doesn't cause any problems in the area, but doesn't call any attention either.

Review :: First Daughter Suite - Original Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Mar 18
This latest musical theater score continues an exploration of the women who always asserted to keep the First Families together.

Review :: Post Pop Depression

By Bill Biss | Mar 17
"Post Pop Depression" continues his special blend of raucous poetry with deep musical struts of sounds. The lyrical storytelling written by Pop and Queen of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, who also produced, is matched with a highly skilled structure.

Review :: The Essential Stephen Sondheim

By Steven Bergman | Mar 10
A layman's overview of the work of musical theater's most influential composer is a great introduction to his canon.

Review :: Hoops

By Noe Kamelamela | Mar 9
"Hoops"is a really great album to have playing in the background of a bar.

12 thru 21 of 2328 Stories