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by Jesse Betlyon
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Aug 8, 2012

If you're wondering what that movie was that made you die laughing, it was "Clue," in your living room, with the Blu-ray player.

The 1985 film classic based on the Parker Brothers board game of the same name is finally available on Blu-ray disc. With the star-studded cast including Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael McKean still as funny as ever, it's no wonder the good people at Paramount decided to give "Clue" a Blu-ray release.

Now twenty-seven years after its original release, "Clue" still has what it takes to keep you intrigued, frightened, and laughing all night long. When the film was released in theaters, one of three different endings was paired up with each print of the film. So someone seeing the film in Boston could have seen a different ending from someone in New York, and so on. This brilliant and creative marketing ploy, which brought the mystery and chance aspects of the board game to the screen, unfortunately backfired on the studio. Due to the disaster at the box office, when the film was released on VHS, the studio included all three endings in succession.

Staying true to its release on VHS, the Blu-ray disc comes with all three endings available. As far as special features, you can skip straight to the alternate endings, choose to watch the film in its entirety with one ending picked at random, or watch it with all three endings, which, this critic has always found more entertaining. It's in watching the three endings back to back that one experiences the true magnitude of these great actors. Tim Curry and Michael McKean are an especially talented and hilarious duo, stealing these alternate endings for themselves.

As fall approaches, maybe you're looking for a spooky movie for a cozy night at home or a theme for a costume party. Regardless, do yourself a favor and get this timeless classic on Blu-ray today.


Jesse Betlyon lives in Los Angeles where he works in reality TV to pay
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