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The Innkeepers

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Apr 25, 2012
The Innkeepers

The horror style of 50's and 60's ghost stories comes alive in "The Innkeepers", one of the most highly praised independent horror films of the past year. Its praise is rightly justified and the spooky tale will hold your interest for the 100 minutes it's on screen.

Ti West ("The House of the Devil," "Cabin Fever 2") directs this loosely based on real events story of the Yankee Peddler Inn, a Connecticut staple that is closing its doors for good. The last two remaining employees Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) split 12-hour shifts on this last weekend and come in contact with oddball guests. Claire is determined to find out if the rumored haunted inn really does have ghosts and she enlists the help of inn guest Kelly McGillis, who plays an aging actress.

Split into three chapters, "The Innkeepers" gets under your skin not by showing what's happening in the mysterious inn but by merely suggesting there might be strange goings-on. West pays tribute to such ghost horror classics as "The Innocents" and "The Haunting," framing scenes with lingering shots and building unbearable tension. Some may grow impatient with the slow-moving film after the first hour but those who hang on until the end will be pleasantly surprised.

West talks about his decision to film at the real Yankee Peddler Inn during the seven minute behind-the-scenes special feature. He also does two audio commentaries, one with technical people and one with the actors.

"The Innkeepers"

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