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America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom

by Kitty Drexel
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 12, 2012
America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom

Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black define "America, You Sexy Bitch" as a socio-political experiment conducted on a cross-country trip mixing the highly flammable viewpoints of the Liberal left and the diehard Republican right. Michael Ian Black is a snarky, middle-aged comedian that most adults remember from "The State" and most kids remember from VH1. Meghan McCain is the outspoken daughter of Senator John McCain. The outcome is not what one might expect. Rather than tangle in an explosive, all out bipartisan bitch-fest; Meghan and Michael fall in platonic love. They take a serious (albeit comical) look at America's people and politics and reach an understanding: they both want the country to be a happier, healthier place than it is.

Democrats and Republicans love to point fingers at each other, to place the blame of America's discord on the other side. "It's not our fault," they say. "It's theirs." As if the solution to American political division would be for one party to concede wrongdoing and then be absorbed to form one large majority over the Libertarians. On their road trip, McCain and Black discuss the differences between their parties and their own personal beliefs. McCain believes in guns, freedom, and, surprisingly, gay marriage. Black goes on the record to say that he isn't sure what Democrats believe in because it is difficult to define "what the Dems stand for." McCain and Black find that Americans all agree on one thing: they want to live their own lives, free from finger pointing, the way that they want to without the government telling them what to do. It's in how this government-less peace should be achieved that division is created.

McCain is received as a very kind, articulate woman with strong opinions but reasonable arguments. Unlike her father's famous Presidential running mate, she accepts the celebrity that comes with being the daughter of a US senator and embraces the opportunity for good that it provides. Her mission is to change the face of the Republican Party and, if this book is any indication, she is doing an excellent job.

Black wears crocs and linen pants during the entire road trip. He too is well spoken but, since he spends the duration of the experiment wearing gardening shoes for toddlers, it is more notable that he receives more lap dances in the first 100 pages of the book than most adult men receive in their lifetimes. His fear is hilariously delicious.

McCain and Black's mission was to discover who real Americans are while riding in a beat-up RV with no AC. Their findings result in a highly funny and empathetic endeavor that will leave the reader with a better understanding of American politics and the internal lives of our two heroes. "America, You Sexy Bitch" proves that Republicans and Democrats can find common ground. All one must do to find out, as our heroes say, is "buy the ticket, take the ride."

"America, You Sexy Bitch"
Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black
Da Capo Press
$26.00 Hardcover


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