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Then Again

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 17, 2012
Then Again

Diane Keaton has written an epic of emotional quality. Her memoir, "Then Again" is ultimately unique. Instead of Keaton shining the spotlight directly on her life, she also shines the light on her mother, Dorothy Hall. Mother of four children, with Diane being the oldest, Dorothy Hall was a very creative soul who put her husband and children first in her life. Over the decades, the frustration of the creative artist led her to create countless scrapbooks, journals and collages of her children, her personal feelings and her love of using her mind to, as Diane Keaton elaborates, just "THINK."

There should be a cover call-out on "Then Again" that reads "for mature adults only" as the breadth of truly understanding the power of a mother and daughter's relationship is not and will never be encapsulated in a "tweet" or "Facebook" message. Diane Keaton's autobiography is as remarkable as it is revealing. As the song goes "Anyone who had a heart..." and a certain amount of time under their belt with familial situations and circumstances will truly relate to this book. You can't help not to.

There are moments that you have to stop and reflect on the universal emotions presented so real and vibrantly felt.

"Then Again" is also a book that although best read cover to cover... there are moments that you have to stop and reflect on the universal emotions presented so real and vibrantly felt. Feelings and emotions such as insecurity, lack of self-esteem, pride, frustration, anger and guilt are vividly recalled, as well as the ultimate reflections of love, humor and honesty. Diane Keaton's life experience is definitely not one to call a "quick read" but one to absorb at your own pace.

Illustrated with photos of Dorothy and her husband, Jack Hall, and their children along with Diane's friends and lovers, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino... "Then Again" also includes Diane's mother's artistic endeavors in scrapbooks and collages. This mother-daughter reunion of sorts is not only a two-sided coin toss of life but also a truly captivating true-life tale of the "Baby Boomer" generation. Even if you never saw "Annie Hall" "The Godfather" or "The First Wives Club," the admiration and appreciation for what Diane Keaton has created in "Then Again" is one for anyone's library of life.

"Then Again"
Diane Keaton
Random House


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