by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 24, 2012

"eCupid" is a sweet romantic comedy from the creator of "Is It Just Me?." It offers a fantastical twist on the genre to prove a simple point: stop looking at your phones and laptops and start looking at the people in front of you. It's refreshing to see a gay film that stands for something so universal. Sure, it's great to be represented. It's also great to see a film that's universal with characters that just so happen to be gay.

Marshall (Houston Rhines) has it all...a great job, a nice apartment and a very supportive boyfriend, Gabe (Noah Schuffman). As his 30th birthday approaches, he starts to question his life and feels trapped in a rut. After too many nights without lovin', he stumbles on an application called eCupid. This computer program instantly turns his life into upheavals. Marshall is bombarded by the men he's secretly been lusting after. The side effect is he is also separated from his boyfriend.

Noah Schuffman shines as the type of boyfriend any guy would love to have. He's able to convey such a sweet, loving and emotionally complex character that really transcends the romantic comedy genre. He brings some really sobering and heartfelt moments to a fairly light film. Chris Rubeiz also brings a very sobering moment to the film. He plays a guy who arrives a little chubbier than expected from his great photos. He plays the scene with such a depth that it tugs at the heartstrings. Overall, "eCupid" provides a humanity and a depth of experience to a pretty fluffy romantic comedy. Plus, it has American treasure Morgan Fairchild.

It has a great message. Put down your phone or laptop and smell the roses.

The DVD features a bevy of special features. There is the trailer for the film and some outtakes. But the interviews and behind-the-scene features are the most fun. There is a fairly in-depth interview with Morgan Fairchild who lent her support to the film. She discusses the importance of independent film, her love for her gay and lesbian supporters and confesses a fascination with epidemiology. She says her obsession with viruses made her an early spokesperson during the early onset of AIDS.

The DVD also features interviews with the stars. They discuss their opinions of love and the process of filming. There are also the early audition/chemistry tests for the cast. There's even a music video for the film's song "Only You." However, in typical DVD bonus features' fashion, the "music video" is just scenes from the film set to song.

"eCupid" is a romantic comedy that reminds you of a good cup of coffee: light, sweet and full of energy.. It has a great message. Put down your phone or laptop and smell the roses. This DVD is definitely worth checking out for a night in with someone special or as inspiration to find that person.

Christian Cintron is a writer, actor and stand up comedian. He attended Vassar College and has worked in marketing and social media. For more check out YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CintronicComedy and www.obscureathon.com


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