Pop Ups :: Hugs Not Drugs, Girls

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Sep 21, 2012

Everyone has their vices and celebrities are no different. They are hard working individuals and sometimes need a little puff and pass to relax. It's no secret that artists, especially musicians, are fond of the green, so in this edition of Pop Ups we take a look at three female stars who have made headlines for their pot use.

Fiona Apple Busted for Hash, Who’s the ’Criminal’ Now?

Awkward indie songstress Fiona Apple was arrested for possession of hashish in Sierra Blanca, Texas this week after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog discovered her stash on the singer’s tour bus, the Associated Press reported.

A spokesman for the Hudspeth County sheriff’s office said Apple, 35, spent Wednesday night in the county jail but was released Thursday after plunking down a $10,000 bond. Rusty Flemming also said the "Criminal" singer "had a little tiny amount of pot and hash." He added that Apple had a small possession of the drug and was slapped with a misdemeanor, even though any amount of hashish in Texas is considered a felony.

Apple isn’t the only celebrity to be caught with weed at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armand Hammer all have been arrested on marijuana charges.

She’s the Man: Amanda Bynes Drives While Smoking Pot, Eats Fast Food

Amanda Bynes is living the dream. Sort of.

TMZ reports that 26-year-old actress was driving aimlessly for hours on Tuesday while smoking out of an alleged marijuana pipe in Las Angeles. The website obtain photos of Bynes, who has a suspended license, that show the child star taking hits out of a pipe that looks like a cigarette car lighter.

It looks like the former "All That" actress started her day at Baja Fresh (a Tex Mex fast-food chain in California) where she took hits in the eatery’s parking lot before stuffing her face with tacos. It must have been a stressful lunch since she then spent three hours at a spa. After that, the actress reportedly drove around for a number of hours aimlessly. She eventually ended up at Home Depot, where she smoked again from the pipe, and then bought colored light bulbs, according to TMZ.

The website also noted that they confirmed the DMV suspended Bynes’ license on August 25 and suggested the reason was due to her refusal to take a sobriety test when she was arrested for a DUI in April.

More recently, the Disney star was kicked out of her gym class for exhibiting odd behavior, TMZ also reported. According to the site, Bynes suddenly stopped participating in the 50-minute spin class and began to walk around aimlessly in an attempt to switch bikes. About 25-minutes later she did it again but this time she decided to reapply her makeup. The instructor was fed up with her antics and booted her from the class.

Lady Gaga Passes the Dutch on Stage in Amsterdam

Being Lady Gaga comes with all sorts of perks: you get to wear meat dresses, be called Mother Monster by millions and even be handed a bag of pot by fans while preforming in Amsterdam.

While the "Born This Way" singer was on stage in the Netherlands’s capital and biggest city, an adoring fan reached out to her and gave her a lighter and a plastic bag full of Mary Jane, the Huffington Post reported.

"Holland, is it real?" Gaga asked before smelling the bag’s contents and then confirming in fact, it was the real deal. She then lit up the joint and took a few puffs before saying it was "not enough" to get her high. But she did say she does enjoy "wondrous marijuana."

"I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut down on drinking," the pop singer said. "It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music."

Watch a clip of Gaga smoking up below:


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