Daniel Day-Lewis: Triple Feature

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
Daniel Day-Lewis: Triple Feature

"Daniel Day-Lewis Triple Feature," with three rare works of the great Oscar winning star, is a perfect way to start a venture, or obsessive exploration, into the mind of one of this era's greatest actors. Not only is the man a gentleman, apparent in his gracious Oscar speech, he also conducts his amazing ability to become a character with deftness that is completely profound and inspiring. A cobbler by trade, Daniel Day-Lewis is just the quintessential actor in the Greek, and Hollywood, sense.

From one of Daniel Day-Lewis' introductory on-screen performances in the "How Many Miles to Babylon" where he, an Irish soldier, takes on the wrath of combative warfare, to "The Insurance Man" where he subtly plays an insurance bureaucrat, to a snobby top drawer thriller "Dangerous Corner" the collection summons you into the layered and unhinged worlds that only an actor like Daniel Day-Lewis can forge.

A cobbler by trade, Daniel Day-Lewis is just the quintessential actor in the Greek, and Hollywood, sense.

The BBC manages to with this collection curate an interesting array of films that the again Oscar winner, this year for "Lincoln," shows of the craft of an ultimate chameleon which deep down is what differentiates the great and the feeble. Day-Lewis, like a Meryl Streep, is regarded as the height of acting talent and the triple feature explores this from three very different creative perspectives. All three films, although slightly grainy since it was the mid 80s and film was not yet in ridiculous High Definition, were originally created for television: "How Many Miles to Babylon" a TV movie, "The Insurance Man" part of a Screen two series and "Dangerous Corner" part of a BBC play of the month series. Spread over two discs this triple feature collocates perfectly with his newer work and the trajectory is so beautiful and respectfully clear.

"Daniel Day-Lewis Triple Feature"
2 Disc Set

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