Desperate Housewives - The Complete Eighth And Final Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Oct 5, 2012
Desperate Housewives - The Complete Eighth And Final Season

"Desperate Housewives" paved new ground in television. It provided a voice for sexy women...of a certain age. It created a blend of the one-hour drama, sitcom and mystery. It also reignited the careers of Terry Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheriden. The eighth and final season of the show is available on DVD but only includes some pretty light bonus features. However, they are very well produced.

The last season included lots of callbacks to earlier seasons. There are reappearances of popular cast members and guest stars like Dana Delaney, Andrea Bowen and Christine Estabrook. Scott Bakula and Charles Mesure also joined the cast for the final season final season.

The DVD set includes commentary on the final episode by "Desperate Housewives" creator and show runner Marc Cherry. He gives some pretty great insight into the last episode and the show in general. For example, Roselyn Sanchez guest stars and was the second choice to play Gabby. He also discusses his cameo in the final episode and dealing with the real life cancer battle for actress Kathryn Joosten.

The DVD set is mostly worth it for the factoids about the show. There is a behind-the-scenes featurette "I Guess This is Goodbye" which includes interviews with the cast and creator and also includes footage from their original Season 1 interviews. It's fascinating to see how the characters and actors evolved over eight years. There are also deleted scenes and a gag reel.

"Desperate Housewives" gets a pretty solid goodbye in its eighth and final season. The DVD set doesn't have a ton of features but they are well produced.

"Desperate Housewives: The Eight and Final Season"
$ 45.99

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