Fan-Made 'Star Trek' Sets Become NY Tourist Attraction

CULTURE | By Michael Hill | Aug 26
On its many voyages through space, the Starship Enterprise has endured bridge-shaking blasts from enemy ships and infiltration by scheming aliens. Now it's being invaded by tourists.

Review :: Is That You?

MOVIES | By Roger Walker-Dack | Aug 26
This entertaining road movie from Israeli filmmaker Dani Menkin would have played so much better if it had been filmed as a documentary.

Review :: Psycho IV: The Beginning

MOVIES | By Ken Tasho | Aug 26
Poor Norman Bates just can't get over his past dealings with Mother.

Review :: The Hollars

MOVIES | By Kilian Melloy | Aug 26
John Krasinski has made likable movies and TV shows as an actor, but his new directorial effort, "The Hollars," about a goodwill family facing a medical crisis, is DOA.

Review :: Don't Breathe

MOVIES | By Kevin Taft | Aug 26
"Don't Breathe" certainly creates a tension that makes us hold our breath and grasp our seats in suspense, but it also tests our tolerance for violence and icky things.