Maine marriage update: Portland, ME

by Laura Kiritsy
Tuesday Nov 3, 2009

Gay marriage supporters took the upper hand in Portland, ME today with 19,975 voting no on question 1 and 7,240 voting against same-sex marriage. A video montage plays in the State of Maine Ballroom with Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True."

'No on 1' supporters rush the stage, holding handmade signs reading, "Equal Marriage for ME!" and "Defend Equality: Love Unites."

Darlene Huntress, the director "of all things" for the 'No on 1' campaign, says, "You could see and feel the change in the air" in the past months. "The people got it...nothing takes the place of full equality. Nothing."

Behind Huntress stand the families from the 'No on 1' campaign ads. "How about my mom?" Ray Dumont says to raucous cheers. His mother, Yolande Dumont of Lewiston, gained deserved notoriety when she appeared in a television ad for 'No on 1,' pleading for marriage equality so that her son would be able to marry his long-time partner (an ad which called "shameless.")

Dumont stands at the microphone with his partner and their son. Voice breaking, he says, "We want to thank my mom for her strength and courage and speaking out for marriage equality."

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