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Climate of Change

by Aron Gold, Esq.
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 8, 2011
Climate of Change

From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth comes another similar documentary, Climate of Change. This time, instead of just having Gore spout out information on carbon emissions, viewers are treated to a mishmash of environmental issues that don't all intermingle well.

It starts off interestingly enough, with students in India pioneering recycling programs and ideas. Then we're taken on a side trip to the Appalachian Mountains, as they are strip mined for coal. Throw in a few less interesting environmental scenarios, and you've got yourself an enviro-doc. Overall, while Climate of Changes presents some fascinating and heartbreaking stories, it's too disjointed to have a strong impact. There's an interview and Tribeca featurette that don't add much story.

Climate of Change

Aron is a contributor to Edge, focusing on critiques and local events. He is an attorney in Philadelphia.


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