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It’s Past Curfew and time to PLAY

by Jim Hauck
Tuesday Jul 26, 2011

As kids we looked forward to those nights when we could stay up past our curfew times and have some extra fun. It was a chance to go out and do things we normally could not do, do something different, and maybe even get into a little bit of trouble.

It is with this same feeling that a party production company called Past Curfew, Inc. (for more information, visit their Facebook page) came into being. Using a tag-line of "find your exuberance" this company of energetic party producers has created a clear-cut niche in the San Francisco dance scene, celebrating their 10-year anniversary with their signature PLAY T-Dance parties.

PLAY T-Dances started in 2002 at the Glas Kat (formerly the Trocadero). According to P Tyrone Smith, PLAY T-Dances came out of an urging from friends to do something about the scene he had so much passion for. "PLAY was the obvious choice, providing opportunities to be creative and take risks."


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