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It’s Past Curfew and time to PLAY

by Jim Hauck
Tuesday Jul 26, 2011

As kids we looked forward to those nights when we could stay up past our curfew times and have some extra fun. It was a chance to go out and do things we normally could not do, do something different, and maybe even get into a little bit of trouble.

It is with this same feeling that a party production company called Past Curfew, Inc. (for more information, visit their Facebook page) came into being. Using a tag-line of "find your exuberance" this company of energetic party producers has created a clear-cut niche in the San Francisco dance scene, celebrating their 10-year anniversary with their signature PLAY T-Dance parties.

PLAY T-Dances started in 2002 at the Glas Kat (formerly the Trocadero). According to P Tyrone Smith, PLAY T-Dances came out of an urging from friends to do something about the scene he had so much passion for. "PLAY was the obvious choice, providing opportunities to be creative and take risks."

After a successful launch party with DJ Jeff Johnson, and over 600 attendees, the next PLAY with a Burning Man recovery theme was not as well received and only brought in around 100 people. The fact was PLAY had a competitor that was also new on the market - Fresh SF at Ruby Skye. According to P Tyrone the second party was a "blood bath" and in a matter of months PLAY had gone from its highest point to its lowest point, showing just how challenging the dance business can be. Not to be beaten, P Tyrone jumped in one more time and the next PLAY, a Fire Island themed event with DJ Warren Gluck, hit a great middle ground and kept the franchise alive.

After a two-year hiatus due to challenging economic times, P Tyrone Smith, Steve Mueller and Noah Breyer got together in 2005 to breathe new life into PLAY. Collaborating with Harry Lit, promoter and founder of Lazy Bear Weekend, PLAY returned to be part of the International Bear Rendezvous Weekend line up in February. The partnership grew with the addition of Ed Tolan, Jaime Vasquez and Jim Hauck, leading to the birth of a Past Curfew production.

Still going strong, and rolling into their tenth year, P Tyrone Smith and Ed Tolan keep delivering the PLAY T-Dance parties with such a range of DJ talent including Andy Almighty, Lydia Prim, John Le Page, and for their 10-year anniversary a repeat performance with the legendary Susan Morabito.

PLAY is known for creating true hospitality from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Greeters at the entry engage and invite you to participate and mingle with the crowd, something rarely seen in many dance parties. Massage is offered to work out those knots and make sure you get the most out of the dance floor experience. Fruit tables are provided to nourish you. Most impressive is the signage placed throughout the club reminding you to take care of yourself and your friends, and making you aware that help is available if needed.

PLAY T-Dances also have a strong partnership with the flagging community of San Francisco. A stage bathed in black-light draws flaggers like moths to flames and creates a colorful spectacle at every PLAY T-Dance. The 10-year anniversary event with DJ Susan Morabito, a favorite DJ among flaggers, offers even more. Morabito will have a special performance at the popular Flagging in the Park at the National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park on Saturday from 1PM to 4PM. The community partnership has paid out great dividends in loyalty to the PLAY T-Dances and they have raised the bar in the community for insisting that dance events include a space for flagging and flow arts.

A number of years ago PLAY set up shop at DNA lounge when a shooting at Club 1015 closed the venue for investigation. Leaving the PLAY the team in a last minute emergency scramble to find a home the night before the party, DNA welcomed them to their club. Today PLAY is on the move to Club Mezzanine, former home to great gay dance parties including Matinee, Industry and The Disco. Located at 444 Jessie Street, near the old San Francisco Mint, this multi-use venue housed in a historic two-story 12,000 square foot warehouse boasts state of the art lighting, custom built sound, and plenty of capacity to handle the anticipated crowds for the Up Your Alley 10-year anniversary edition of PLAY T-Dance.

PLAY has hired William Brown to provide lighting and laser effects for some extra pop to the party. Encouraging the partygoers to participate in the themes of their parties, ranging from a recent pajama party to a black-light spectacle, the Up Your Alley edition is focused on GEAR! Pig play, leather, uniforms, rubber, Levis, fetish, and anything sexy is what the advertising says, and the boys at a Past Curfew production get the crowd to do it. The anticipation of participating in these themes have members of the community going all out to add to the fun of the dance festivities and this 10-year edition should be epic.

PLAY T-Dance, Up Your Alley Edition with Susan Morabito is Sunday, July 31, 2011, from 5PM until Midnight at Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street.

A special edition PLAY T-Dance with Russ Rich will be held during Lazy Bear Weekend at River Theater in Guerneville. Back in San Francisco in November, a Military Ball edition with DJ Wayne G is also planned. Check out the PLAY T-Dance web site at for more information and future party dates.


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