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Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season

by Andrew Clark
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 21, 2012
Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season

The acclaimed series Breaking Bad marches on in season 4, continuing the show's trend of growing darker with every episode. With Emmy-winning performances by Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, the show also continues the impossibly strong quality it is known for.

While it would be easy to compare this to another suburban-white-person-turned-drug-dealer show such as "Weeds," that would belie what makes a show like "Breaking Bad" so incredible. Toeing the line of morality can often be a cheap ploy for through provocation from a televsion program, but this specific program uses it as the most important weapon in its arsenal.

As we have watched the slow, desperate descent of both Walter and Jesse and the various effects it has had on the people around them, it is frighteningly easy to both condemn their actions all the while fully understanding why they are acting in this way. It is never a great feeling to be on the side of people peddling huge quantities of harmful drugs, but dramas like "Breaking Bad" bring emotions like that through every episode.

On top of this truly stellar and quite possibly most accomplished season of this award-laden series, the real treat for those who have already experienced the show are the more than 13 hours worth of special features. Beyond the now obligatory but still riveting deleted and extended scenes, of particular note are the cast and crew commentaries.

"Breaking Bad" is very much a nuanced and subtle program, and insight from the people behind it was almost as fascinating as the show itself. Almost.

"Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season"
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