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The Best Of Kylie Minogue

by Chris Sosa
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 19, 2012
The Best Of Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is among the most lasting and curious forces on the global pop stage. Her music career began in the late eighties when she burst onto the scene with "The Locomotion." Considered little more than a diversion at the time, Kylie's unexpected longevity finds her with a slew of worldwide hits twenty-five years later. "The Best of Kylie Minogue" does its best to keep up.

The Telegraph once stated: "Madonna is the dark force; Kylie is the light force." Indeed, inverse comparisons to Madonna have persisted throughout her career, with critics and audiences commenting on Minogue's shamelessly upbeat persona. Rufus Wainwright calls her "the gay shorthand for joy." After a successful public battle with breast cancer, Minogue's image as pop's princess was elevated to that of a true pop icon.

With over twenty tracks, "The Best of Kylie Minogue" displays the often-unacknowledged influence Kylie's had during the past several decades. Minogue's mastery of pop comes into stronger focus as subtle genre shifts between tracks represent a fluidity that allows Kylie to acknowledge trends without losing her identity among them. This ability is most obvious on the disco-stomper megahit "Can't Get You Out of Me Head." Recent tracks such as "All the Lovers" and "Get Outta My Way" are clever in their appropriation of Gaga-era synthetic landscapes while excising the darkness entirely.

Despite her overtly inoffensive nature, Minogue does push sexual boundaries within the hits' accompanying videos. Some of her older clips would likely still face challenging on American television networks as she pouts and writhes in hyper-revealing outfits, going so far as to entirely remove her top in "Kids." Watching Kylie transform from innocent child to sexual vixen to liberated maternal goddess is a bit odd because the accompanying songs never really sound that different.

The majority of Minogue's hits have aged well, with tracks like "Better the Devil You Know" able to fill a gay club floor in 2012 as easily as "Get Outta My Way." Granted, nostalgia is a dominant factor. But this ageless, non-specific fawning quality is the genius of Kylie Minogue. By essentially selling the exact same harmless product in four different decades, her consistency has become an amorphous force of pop light. So long as there exists an audience willing to dance, Kylie will keep on going.

Rating: B+

"The Best of Kylie Minogue"
Kylie Minogue


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