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The Iron Lady

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 10, 2012
The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep continues to prove that she's the first lady of Hollywood in "The Iron Lady," a dynamic performance which gained her a third Oscar win. In her portrayal of the stoic former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher, Streep is flawless once again, yet the film itself could've used some tweaks.

You'll be mesmerized by Streep as she steps into the shoes of the legendary Thatcher, taking on all mannerisms, speech, and looks with total ease. The film mostly centers on the latter day Thatcher, much older and widowed, as she reminisces about her upbringing and how she fought her way to the top in a mostly male dominated political field.

Jim Broadbent is nicely cast, playing Denis, Thatcher's husband, who is seen in many flashbacks. Director Phyllida Lloyd ("Mamma Mia") strangely chooses to intersperse key scenes with stock footage of the real Margaret Thatcher, mostly seen from behind, downplaying the fact that certain parts of "The Iron Lady" are fiction. The movie also doesn't give a clear viewpoint on Thatcher, rendering it one of the most confusing biopics.

Streep isn't in many of the four 'making of' features on the disc, yet she explains some of the flack she received for taking the role. The transformation of the younger Margaret Thatcher, played by Alexandra Roach, is featured in a 20-minute documentary. Rounding out the disc is a look at Thatcher's husband Denis.

"The Iron Lady"

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  • , 2012-04-11 06:15:35

    Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister if the United Kingdom and not England. There is no such post just add there had been no queen of England for hundreds of years. Typical American ignorance and totally offensive to the rest of the UK. It’s like referring to the USA New York or something.

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