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Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies

by Katie Abate
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Nov 12, 2012
Straight Guys: Gay Erotic Fantasies

We tend to view sexual identities in binaries, but in his compilation of short stories, "Straight Guys," Shane Allison has completely flipped that notion on its head. This collection is a mixture of both true stories and wish-they-were-true stories of men having sex with straight men. As would be expected from the sexy guy on the cover with the sultry gaze and the incredibly vivid vocabulary, all of these stories are bound to get your heart rate racing. But reading seventeen erotic stories one after the other can become monotonous, despite their less than boring subject matter.

Every story revolves around the same central theme: the forbidden fruit that is a sexual encounter with a straight man. A brother has sex with his sister's boyfriend in Bob Vickery's "Family Affair," blurring not only sexual relationships, but also familial relationships. Hank Edwards highlights a different kind of family in "Ted and Breakfast," which brings forth an interesting idea when a bed-and-breakfast owner is in an open relationship with his wife who allows him to sleep with men, giving him the best of both worlds, so to speak.

When a robber breaks into a guy's sketchy apartment looking for his girl, he comes upon something else in Barry Lowe's "Window of Opportunity," playing on the rumors of what goes on in prison.

This collection is a mixture of both true stories and wish-they-were-true stories of men having sex with straight men.

The book comes to a close with Shane Allison's own short story about one man who wants his male friend to himself. Unfortunately the friend's annoying girlfriend keeps getting in the way, and so the main character performs some skullduggery to get him alone.

These stories of quickies are all quick reads. The problem that it brings up is that the stories all start to blend together, what with the similar plot structure they all follow: guy seeks out another guy with whom to have sex, second guy is outraged at the thought of having sex with another man, the first guy finally persuades the second and what follows is a raunchy romp. No one picks up erotic fiction expecting spectacular character development or thought-provoking plot structures, but if you are merely looking to indulge in some sexual fantasies then "Straight Guys" is the way to go.

"Straight Guys"
Shane Allison
Cleis Press Inc.


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